Warren Louw is a freelance illustrator and character designer.


He is one of the most celebrated artists from South Africa who is self taught and works in both traditional and digital media.
His ability to create images with meticulous detail and imagination has gained considerable attention internationally with over 2 million pageviews on his DeviantArt account alone. He has also attended San Diego Comic Con, La Mole Mexico and FANCON Cape Town as a special guest artist.

Well recognised for his mastery of renditions of beautiful women and a perfectionist in his illustrations, his work has been featured in print publications such as ImagineFX Magazine, various UDON Entertainment Tribute Art books, Ballistic Publishing's Exotique, Photoshop Essentials, Masters of Anatomy and 21 Draw. He has also created comic covers for UDON's Street Fighter, Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers. IDW Comics' G.I. Joe, Danger Girl, and DC Comics'

Power Girl, Harley Quinn, Justice League, Green Lanterns and Batman. He has also done conceptual work for Longship Armoury, Phoenix Age Gaming and Bandai Namco.


With a new love for video editing he now offers tutorials via Gumroad and 21Draw. Warren Louw lives in Johannesburg, SA.


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